Lease with PRM

When leasing a home or commercial property with Precious Realty and Mortgage (PRM), Tenants can rest easy that they are in good hands. Their leased property will be in delivered in the agreed upon condition and maintence requests will be addressed promptly. Their rent payments will be processed efficiently. PRM handles all of the day to day processing of tenant maintenance requests, payment handling, leasing and contract fullfillment requirements for each property under its management.  PRM will serve as a tenants first point of contact for all property information requests and our experienced and helpful staff will address:

  • Building Maintenance - We will make sure your properties are clean and operating efficiently at all times.
  • Lease Negotiations - From your initial tour of the property through move- out, PRM will ensure you feel at home in your leased property
  • Payment Processing - PRM provides a multitude of solutions to make it easier for you to pay your rent!

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    PRM Leasing professionals coordinate with tenants for all their leasing needs. PRM represents the landlord/owner  by communicating leasing opportunities, handling billing and quickly responding to maintenance requests as they arise. The following documents include several of the documents a potential new tenant may need to begin their lease. We provide documents for your review and ease of accessibility.

    To submit these forms, Please print, fill out entirely, sign and return the required documentation by email ( or fax to 713-988-1426.

    1.  Information about Brokerage Services
    The Houston Association of Realtors provides this informational disclosure to provide tenants and landlords a comprehensive description of brokerage services. We ask that you please thoroughly review and sign this document to understand the commitment of all PRM Realty representatives to you.

    Information about Brokerage Services
    Broker Notices to Tenant

    2.  Lease Application

    Before entering into a contract, All PRM prospective tenants must fill out the following lease application.This document will provide the landlord the applicants prospective move in date, rent pricing, and background information. The Landlord will have the opportunity to approve or deny each tenant as desired (approvals and denial decisions may be conducted by PRM professional representatives).

    Residential Lease Application
    Commercial Lease Application

    4.  Amendments and Authorizations
    Lease Amendments will need to be determined before a Lease Agreement is signed. These documents represent a few possible amendments for your review. However, their are a multitude of reasons to request an amendment, and PRM will customize the appropriate documents based on the Landlord's property requirements and tenant requests.

    Pet Agreement
    Lease Inventory and Condition
    Amendments may also include repairs or renovations prior to move in or more.

    5.  Lease Agreement
    With Amendments agreed upon, the tenant will enter into a leasing agreement with the landlord based on the terms laid out in this document. Both Tenant and Landlord (or representative) will need to sign this contract.

    Residential Lease Agreement
    Commercial Lease Agreement

    For additional information, Please contact PRM Property Management Professionals at (713) 988-1425 or at Signed Documents may be emailed to or faxed to (713) 988-1426.

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